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Our Working Methodology  in Detail




  • Stakeholders are interviewed to know more about a product, its category, competitors and customers in order to assess its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Study and review of the business plan, marketing strategy and any prior branding activities and collateral to discover unique brand challenges.


  • Study of a product, its target customer and other competitors in its category.
  • Determine a brand’s market potential, growth strategy and product concept viability.Survey to find out the expectations with a new product by different users of different category.
  • Analyse the best branding media to communicate with maximum number of target customer.
  • Create a new domain to distinguish your product from its competitors.
  • Identify core values, believes, tradition, emotion, culture and inspiration related with the product to easily interact with the customer.


  • Naming, nomenclature and taglines are significant consumer facing cornerstones to identity product. Where names can be descriptive, Taglines will communicate a key message in a concise and memorable style.
  • Create a unique and distinguish mark, symbol or design for the product to serve as a means of identification and act as a trademark.
  • Create a single web page or an entire web site in aesthetic way as per requirement which involves both design & text.
  • Improve keywords and key phrases to get higher visibility of a website in a search result.


Once we are ready with the solution, we meet the stakeholders again to review and finalize before implementing in market as per requirements.


Once your product is on air, we constantly monitor product performance and align the objectives of all branding/Marketing Processes efforts for maximum effectiveness. But every product has a life cycle and suffers fatigue, especially in this frequently changing market where consumers have a wide array of options to make a choice. To bloom in such a competitive environment, a product must reinvent itself even more frequently without losing relevance. We assist you time to time to refresh your brands/Marketing Processes without losing the essence.